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Ancient reviews document

It wasn't until my 19th year of contracting that
I finally walked away from an exterior restoration
project satisfied that I had done everything the
best possible way.

Interior restoration has more variables, but I'd
say it followed the same pattern for me.

I'm in my 48th year of contracting as of 2023,
with no plan of ever completely retiring.

Online reviews are from the feedback form which 
was part of my website from 2001 to 2011.

Restoration work commentary

Restoration document commentary

Restoration work commentary


From the online feedback form box: - - [26/Apr/2010:17:14:07 -0400]

We hired Roger based on the highest of recommendations, and he still exceeded our expectations. We had just had "master" carpenters employed at our house who were contracting with an upscale remodeler as part of our renovation. We hired Roger separately for several substantial carpentry projects on areas of the house not subject to the remodel, and from then on would not hire anyone to do carpentry for us but Roger. Combined with his mastery of plaster, painting and wood refinishing, he is head and shoulders the best choice for quality and value. He also turned out to be an amazing colorist, creating the entire color scheme for our house. Roger has gone on to serve our friends and relatives equally as well.

------------------------ - - [09/Feb/2011:11:50:56 -0400]

Roger was referred to us by my sister and her husband as a painter and handyman. We initially hired him to strip and restore our painted woodwork in our dining and living room, but the project quickly expanded to include major plaster repair and replacement, and we learned just how much difference Roger could make in our house. A year later, when we decided to sell our house, we hired Roger to get it ship-shape for selling. He was our carpenter, painter, wood floor specialist, electrician and all-around super repairman. As a result of paying Roger $18,000 to get our house ready for the market, we ended up asking $60,000 more than we had intended, but only after re-convincing ourselves to actually sell what had now become a showpiece. We wanted to just stay! We actually got even more than our new asking price.

------------------------ - - [12/Sep/2011:22:41:16 -0400]

We have neighbors who paid large sums of money to have their houses' exterior painted. As we watch those paint jobs fail, our house continues to look perfect year after year, even though it has now been 24 years since Roger Luebeck did the restoration painting on it, which involved stripping and carpentering to replace many rotted elements. Roger is a true artist, with an amazing eye for color.

Notable quotes from angry clients:

"You get more done in one day
than L--- gets done in one month."
- Kent Hanson, Minneapolis

"You accomplish more in ten minutes
than L--- does in one day."
- H. Sadovsky, St. Paul

A bit (and only a tiny bit) of an exageration 
on their part.  (And I had to re-do most of
his work.)  At any rate, it indicates that 
I'm productive and why I quit recommending 
contractors to my clients when I'm overbooked.


My two favorite thank you notes -

 A signed copy of the Prairie Home Companion movie
 from a client of mine, Tim Russell, who had been a
 hero of mine for twenty years - a long time radio
 personality and a star of the Prairie Home Companion.

 For Tim, I did extensive restoration carpentry and
 painting, plaster restoration, interior enameling,
 and color selection.

A note from the very same Tim Russell -


Restoration document commentary

Sir, Your site is #1 for clarity,
materials, and techniques.  I really
do apprectiate the time you have
taken.  Without you I would be a
victim of the slow learning curve,
fighting and failing my way out of
complete ignorance and misleading
advertising.  I can't thank you 
enough ... 

... Thanks again for your truly
exceptional guidance.  Sincerely,
Stan Collins  Vermont Il 


Thank you for writing the most concise,
yet in depth, treatise on exterior home
reconditioning I have ever read.

Your straightforward and complete
discussion is exactly the information I


Andy Somers



I am profoundly impressed with the
depth and breadth of your knowledge
regarding effective exterior painting
(among other things).  I solicit your
wisdom ...

-Bill Shelton


Dear Rogcad:

Abslolutely, the best House Painting
and Paint Removal guide I have read!

As one retired Electronic engineer, I
applaud you sir!  Have you
considered "Writing a Book?"  Your
experience is worth a Million Dollars
for yourself, and invaluable to "Do-it-
yourself'ers" like me!

Thank you, Sir.

Respectfully, your humble servant,

Ron / Marysville, California


... Your site ROCKS.  Far more
information (based on science) than I
have ever seen on such topics.  You
kinda remind me of the guy from
FoodNetwork "Good Eats" that 
incorporates science into cooking
discussion.  You should be on the DIY


.. I learned more from your website post
than I've found in 15+ years!

Brent Roberts


Hi Rogcad
  I have read your entire article on
paint stripping and repainting and
found it to be the most helpful info
on the net.  I wish to thank you for
sharing it with us ...  [snip]

I'm most appreciative for the help
Thank You
Ron Reed



Thanks for the great painting website!
You have by far the most useful information
I have found for restoring the siding on my
1890 Victorian ... [snip]


Ryan Huizenga


Your analytical approach to house
painting is as refreshing as it is
uncommon ...  [snip]

... Thanks for your web log. - Carl Crites


Hi "Rogcad",

I want to thank you SO MUCH for sharing
your hard won knowledge about painting
with others through your website!!  I have
been spending the last two days
speaking to a gazillion people by phone
and in stores trying to learn ... [snip]

... and I am so glad to come upon your
information.  I really apreciate your
sharing of your years of experience ...

[snip] ... Thank you so much for supplying
the information I have been looking for and
was beginning to think I wouldn't find.
It is a HUGE help for me.

Mary Sylva
(Milwaukee WI)


I first want to say, Great info on
your site.  It is incredibly
informative and it really sounds like
you know your stuff.  I love your
system and explanations and plan on
incorporating your ideas into my
projects this coming summer... [snip]

... Thanks!
-Tyler Tilton
Green Mountain Painters


My name is Jimmy Sutton of Colonial
Custom Painting.  I read this article
a few years ago and was searching for
it as I just remembered the good info
I read before ...  [snip]

... I appreciate your




I am doing some research on paint
products and found your site most
interesting.  I am the Reinvestment
Specialist for my city ... [snip]

... Thanks


Hi Roger

Your information on your website is great.

I would really appreciate your advice
as you know paints and primers better
than anyone I have encountered
including Tech Reps for paint companies ...

[snip]  ... Any advice, opinions, comments or
speculation would be most appreciated.

Thank you very much.

Tom Gargiulo
Norwalk, CT


Hello, your website is a gem ...  [snip]

... Thank you for
taking the time to read this, and
again, your website is very
informative and professional.

Marco Apollo



Very nice site and highly educational.
We are located in Wilmington Ohio and
were wondering what your distance
traveled is limited to.

Thanks for your time.




I wish you were in the Pittsburg area -
I would hire you in a second!

... Thanks for a great Web site!
Becky Crea


I only wish I had seen your site
sooner.  Here's my problem ... [snip]

... Thanking you so much for your time in



I have been doing extensive research on
the best way to handle the renovation
project we are faced with.

I really need an expert like yourself
to save my marriage!

Do you do consulting over the phone?

I am in New Milford, CT.

Many questions, lots of opinions from
different folks.

Want to do it right the first time

Thanks for reading my message.




Dear rogcad; I was really impressed
with your information on "exterior
house restoration".  I've been in the
painting business for about thirty
years, and it's great to read
something by another painter who's
done the "hard yards" and not a 
nineteen year old employee of Sherwin
Williams who tells me how to and what
to use on a house.  Starting to sound
like an old camudgeon!  Anyway, your
article is the only scientific-
practical experience article I've
read yet ...  [snip]

... Rogcad, I don't have your knowledge
of exterior painting so I've got a
few questions for you ...  [snip]

... Rogcad, I'll be the first painter
to buy your book on painting when it
comes out!!  It's a real honor to know
you and if there were more painters like
you maybe this noble trade would get the
RESPECT is surely deserves.  My phone
number also ; Olde Virginia Painting
and Decorating (434)263 xxxx
Thanks!!!! Tad DeJarnette


I read your article on exterior prep
and painting again ...  [snip]

... Can I use you as a consultant for a
proper paint job?  I'd gladly pay for
your time to assess my project.



WOW! wish i had you on my team.  i
have read your whole site ...  [snip]

... thank you,

p.s. did i mention WOW! you sure do
know a lot!!!!


Thank you for your enchanting website.
I stumbled upon it searching for info on
"Duration" by S-W.

If you worked in Philly I'd have you
come by, otherwise I will give a 
recommendation to my brother in St.
Paul--if he ever buys a house himself!

[snip] ... Thank you for any thoughts
you can share.

Mike Moore, Philadelphia, PA

I had to add a "PS" after looking at
enlargements of the pictures.  My
goodness, your work looks beautiful.
It appears you even engineer some of
your own scaffolding.  The kind of
things I think about but my hands
don't implement very well.

Mike Moore


Thank you so much for your time and
information!  What a valuable, informative
resource you provide!

S.M. Schneidmiller


  First I want to thank you for your
very informative web site.  It has been
invaluable for me as a homeowner... [snip]

... Ron


You obviously provide a proper and
superior painting service.  It is
so, so difficult to locate
contractors that are willing to do
the job "right."  Where are you
located?  We live in a suburb of
Birmingham, AL ...  [snip]

... I'm sure many,
many consumers would pay a premium
for fine work such as yours.  It's
refreshing just to know someone takes
care to do quality work, even if
you're not available in my area.  God



I found your site - incredible work.
I'm hoping you can help ... [snip]

... Do you know anyone
in the Long Island area who does this
kind of work?


What a great article, i am
going to re-read tonight...thanks
again for your insight.


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