the amazing and beloved dog

and his amazing and beloved partner, David Hartwig

      Skidboot (1992-2007)                   David

There has never been a more beloved partnership of man and dog than
that of David Hartwig and Skidboot.

From rodeo performances to the heights of stardom on Oprah and The Tonight Show, Skidboot and David amazed and endeared themselves to millions.

Skidboot was the first ever champion on Pet Star. There can never be
another one like him. Nor can there ever be another David Hartwig.

Below these stills are links to Skidboot's videos on youtube.

Skidboot, as reflected in the faces of his admirers:

David and Skidboot on their ranch:






The fairs and the rodeos:




Skidboot runs the length of the arena and presents
his coupon to the concessionaire for a hot dog:



National stardom:

"Ease up on it.."                Shelley Long can't believe the 
"Touch it.."                     things she is seeing Skidboot do.


David and Skidboot winning the     The Tonight Show.  Notice
championship on Pet Star.          Skidboot on the giant screen.

More Tonight Show:

On Oprah and other shows:


Skidboot's videos on youtube:

Best of Skidboot, part one

Best of Skidboot, part two

Best of Skidboot, part three

The Amazing Skidboot (Texas Country Reporter)

Skidboot on Pet Star

We'll give the last word to Oprah:

Finally ...

Here is the personal thank you note I received from Barbara Hartwig and
the signed poster from David, for having purchased Skidboot's videos: