Roger Luebeck, Minnesota                restoration painting

Relativity Trail, the book (free pdf file)

Relativity in absolute terms


RogCAD Girder and Panel building set

Chaos etc - equations and graphical output


July-August 2017 Trip:

Bighorns, Wind River Range, San Juans:
August 2017

Other Trips:

July 2016 climbing trip in the
Wind River Range, Uinta Range,
and Rocky Mountain National Park:
July 2016

October 2016 camping and hiking
trip with my puppy Bart in Idaho,
Oregon and California:
Oct 2016

May 2017 Superior Hiking Trail
with John Finkle and Bart
May 2017

Jester's web page  (his story and all of his videos)

Jester's 3 minute slide show

The Hermit Thrush

My cabin property

Uptown Ducks

John Finkle's Norwegian Faering community boat building project

Uncle Remus illustrations by A. B. Frost

Internationally Renowned - Amazing Dog Skidboot and David Hartwig

Favorite Musical Film Clips   (western and others)

The hippest 60s pop music film clips  (Wooly Bully, Groovin, Apache, Go Now)


restoration painting

Vintage American Locks


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